Welcome to the International NVC Caravan. Here you can find out more about our journey to promote Nonviolent Communication through volunteer-run, peer-led events around the world.

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Selene Aswell – building community

We hope you enjoy this short video of a longer conversation at the eCaravan event July 2020 with coach and facilitator Selene Aswell about building community using a needs based regenerative culture approach as much as we enjoyed making it. https://youtu.be/mDMWirToq2E

Our wish to you and to ourselves

So many of were moved by the wonderful poem and picture shared at the eCaravan 4 July 2020 by Frans and Mignon Besselink who have given so much already to the project. Here is the text of the poem and the picture – celebrating a wonderful co creation 🦒🐫💚 Our wish to you and to […]

What’s On eCaravan 4/5 July

Details about workshops… NVC and Sociocracy Kathrin Schmitz Sat 4 July 1345 – 1515 Kathrin Schmitz will be taking us through an introduction to sociocracy, which beautifully complements NVC and can help us to live the spirit and attitude of hearing everybody´s voice and considering all needs in groups and organizations. This will focus on […]